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If you are serious about embroidery, Alliance Embroidery Services is your answer, we also offer have Embroidery Machines and Commercial Embroidery Machine.

About Us

Alliance Embroidery Services, as the name implies, is a company that provides embroidery services. Embroidery, is a handcraft, used for beautifying a fabric. It involves a variety of colorful threads, beads, pearls, and sequins. It can be done on ladies ethnic garments, shirts, caps, hats, bed sheets; the options are endless. Earlier, it was only done by hand and it took many weeks or months to create one piece. The person behind invention of hand embroidery machine is Frenchman Josue Heilmann. With technology advancements over years, more compact and fast embroidery machines were produced. These embroidery machines stitch embroidery on textiles using patterns digitized with embroidery software. Today, this computerized machine is used for branding of product and garment or furnishing embellishment.

Mr. K. P. Singh considering the importance of embroidery machinery in many garment and textile industries started Alliance Embroidery Services. This 2004 establishment in New Delhi (India) deals in a variety of embroidery machinery. The Importer, Exporter, Wholesaler, Distributor, Supplier, and Trader provides Laser Machines, Mixed Cording Embroidery Machine, Commercial Embroidery Machine, Chenille Embroidery Machine, and Four In One Mixed Embroidery Machine. As a Service Provider, it also designs Software For Embroidery for garment and textile industries. The single needle embroidery machine requires user input to change the thread color, while multiple needle machine do not require re-threading.

Our Machinery Range

The company deals in a number of embroidery machinery; all of which are mentioned below:
  • Embroidery Machines
  • Laser Machines
  • Mixed Cording Embroidery Machine
  • Chenille Embroidery Machine
  • Four In One Mixed Embroidery Machine
Our Services
  • Designing Software For Embroidery
  • Value Addition Solutions Services

Computerized machine embroidery process

Embroidery done either by hand or machine is not an easy process. It requires a lot of effort and user input. The steps are as follows:

  • Create a digitized embroidery design.
  • Load the design file into machine
  • Feed the fabric into machine
  • Start the machine
  • Keep an eagle eye and change thread color, if required.

Note that different machine requires different file extensions. Some of the expamples of file extension used in such machine are .art, .asd, .cnd, .csd, .dst, .emd, .emb, .fhe, .gns, .oef and many more.

Our Team

Our company presently have 18 employees working in similar or different areas. The procurement personnel are responsible to find reliable companies from which the company can source the embroidery machines. We are pleased to announce that they are successful in selecting a few companies, from which we source embroidery machines periodically. The sales and marketing personnel apply many strategies to promote the range all over the country and create sale leads. The  warehouse personnel keep track of the stock, incoming and outgoing machinery. They even make use of material handling equipment for loading and unloading of machinery to and from trucks.